WALDEN INVESTIGATIVE GROUP, LLC is licensed and insured to provide professional, private investigative services. We are committed to provide the highest quality investigative services in a timely and cost efficient manner. Professionalism, Integrity, Quality, and Reliability define our core principles. We employ a professional staff of experienced and licensed investigators who offer exceptional service to our valued clients. We provide a wide range of coverage for the entire State of Illinois, Iowa, and across the United States using our strategic partners.

Walden Investigative Group, LLC specializes in Insurance Investigations such as Workers Compensation, Disability, Personal Injury/Liability, and Auto. We also provide investigative services to Lawyers/Legal Professions, Corporations/Businesses, and the General Public. Contact Us Today!


416 Main Street, Suite 429, Peoria, IL 61602

Office - 309-696-5541

Email - info@waldeninvestigations.com

Why should you choose Walden Investigative Group?

    • Flat Rates - Unlike other companies, you will never see miscellaneous charges or fees

    • Experienced staff

    • Rapid turnaround time

    • State-of-the-art technology and cutting edge investigative techniques

    • Private ONLINE access to the surveillance video within 24 hours of completed investigation

    • Direct access to our investigators while they are in the field to provide important updates on your case

    • Our investigators provide expert testimony to help settle your claim and/or investigation needs

Contact Us:

416 Main Street, Suite 429

Peoria, IL 61602

Office Phone - 309-696-5541

Email - info@waldeninvestigations.com