Walden Investigative Group, LLC specializes in Insurance Investigations such as Workers Compensation, Personal Injury/Liability, Disability, and Auto. We also provide investigative services to Lawyers/Legal Professions, Corporations/Businesses, and the General Public.


    • Surveillance

    • Activity Checks/Neighborhood Canvass

    • Alive/Well Checks

    • Scene Investigations

    • Courthouse and Records Searches

    • CBR - Claimant Background Report - includes several possible areas including: hidden employment, hobbies, activity level, address confirmation, daily routine, detailed social network searches, vehicle identification, criminal history

Lawyers/Legal Professions

    • Process Service

    • Witness Locating

    • Surveillance

General Public Services

    • Domestic and Fidelity Investigations

    • Criminal Background Investigations

    • Premarital Investigations

    • Locating Family Members


    • Pre-employment background screenings

    • GPS Tracking / Monitoring

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